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Collaboration - How Does Your Garden Grow?

March 2024

By Maryann Baldwin, The Works Business Coach and SBDC Counselor

At The Works, we are all about collaboration. We believe in the wisdom that we are stronger together than as individuals, and we are continually seeking new ways to collaborate with groups, causes and individuals to make our world a better and more resilient place. As we enter the spring season of rebirth and renewal, we remember the power of the ultimate collaboration: sun, rain and soil that bring all that is green and springing back to life in the coming weeks. What are the ingredients that help you grow? Collaboration is cornerstone for growth in our world.

We believe in the power of collaboration because:

  • Collective problem solving is always better and facing challenges in a vacuum

  • Collaboration fosters a culture of trust and inclusivity

  • Collaboration enhances creativity

  • The outcomes of collaboration are always beyond the reach of any single person or entity.

What are some of our collaborations?  Our collaborations are focused on creating economic growth, through community, cooperation and coaching. We love to help shine a bright light on  new ideas, products, businesses, concepts and perspectives through collaboration. 

Here’s a look at how we do this and some collaborations that lie ahead:

Sister Circle Small Business - We love collaborating with Sister Circle. This organization provides insights, support and resources to female small business owners, and yours truly enjoys both learning from all these talented women and contributing to their efforts and successes. We’ll be at the Sister Circle Summit on March 22nd, and we’ve enjoyed hosting to Sister Circle Masterminds at The Works in recent months

Community Connectors of Northeast Iowa - this new group in Northeast Iowa is all about building up people into thriving NE Iowa community members through social gatherings, professional connections, and mentorships. That’s an easy one to get behind, and The Works and Community Connectors share so many values together. We helped to host the Lansing visit for this group and we attend events in other communities around our region to help share and spread the word about all this region has to offer.

Main Street Lansing is an example of our earliest collaborations. Not only do we financially support the organization, but The Works is also the home to Main Street’s office and board and committee meetings. In 2023 we collaborated with Ventures Next and Main Street to bring the Non-profit proposal writing studio to life, and as always, we’ll be all in on the annual Sip of Lansing event on Thursday, May 23rd from 4:30 to 7 pm. 

The Lansing Pet Vendor Show in collaboration with Rhissa Eiden and her Miss Rhiss Candles. This program is all about pets, from pet supplies, pet adoptions, food, giveaways, a photo booth and more! We love supporting our area entrepreneurs and it’s great to see them promoting their ideas at every age!

Entrepreneurship Week, 2024 - Another one of our original collaborations has been with Allamakee County Economic Development and Tourism. Not only was this agency the first stop for input in 2021 when we started down the path with The Works, but they have been our greatest supporter, commissioning an Innovation Works event to collaborate on the agency’s priorities, holding events at The Works, and as a partner on our annual Entrepreneurship Week workshops, which will be held for the fourth year in a row in 2024!

Which of our collaborations will you support and contribute to in 2024? What kind of collaboration would you like to bring to The Works and Northeast Iowa? We’d love to have you join us as we work to foster a growing and thriving community!


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