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Entrepreneurship Week Line-up Revealed, Aug 25 Update

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

It's time for Allamakee County Entrepreneurship Week in partnership with Allamakee County Economic Development & Tourism, September 18 - 24. At the time of this publication, we have 3 speakers and topics scheduled. And as always, we will feature meals and refreshments from county area restaurants to keep you focused and energized for every session!

  • Monday, September 18th at noon will feature author Catherine Glynn, MFA on presence, specifically drilling down into mindful use of language, both one on one with customers, as well as mass communication through marketing and social media. What are somethings you can do to really zero on the best ways to communicate with your customers and prospects?

  • Tuesday, September 19th at 6 pm, RESET Conference's Brittany Todd will lead us on an interactive tour through ChatGPT and share some ways you can tap into your new 24/7 FREE assistant through effective use of generative AI!

  • Wednesday, September 20th at 7:30 am, NICC's Jordan O'Connell will offer entrepreneurs practical, hands-on advice for harnessing the power of artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT, and will focus on answering following questions:

    • How does AI impact how (and what) we can learn?

    • How does machine learning work?

    • How can entrepreneurs access these AI-enabled tools at no cost?

    • What are industry-relevant use-cases for these tools?

  • Thursday, September 21st at noon, 100 Things to do in Iowa Before You Die author Sara Broers reveals what small business owners should know about catering to tourists and visitors to our region. How can you find them and what are they expecting from you?

  • Thursday, September 21st, 5 pm - it's the annual Small Business Social. This year, we'll see you at Shep's Riverside Bar and Grill. Make some new connections and enjoy your first drink on Allamakee County Economic Development & Tourism!

  • Friday, September 22nd, author and educator Amanda Zieba will many of the lessons she has learned in her years of marketing her writings and writer services using digital media, and pivoting to meet her customers' needs as they continue to evolve at an ever more rapid pace


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