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The Surprising Benefits of Celebration

March 4, 2024

By Maryann Baldwin, The Works Business Coach and SBDC Counselor

Celebration is an essential ingredient in our entrepreneurial efforts - and really, in everyday life as well. We often seem to fall into the habit of evaluating our actions to figure out how we can be better, what we could have done differently, how we are going to handle the next challenge around the corner. These are all valuable thought patterns, but they can take us down a path of criticism, and potentially even negativity - the patterns come from a perspective of scarcity, rather than abundance. 

Taking time to reflect on what we HAVE done well, what makes us uniquely qualified to handle a specific opportunity, or how we are contributing to the world around us is more of an abundance mindset. This mindset can charge us up, reenergize us and provide a boost to our overall outlook on things.

Let’s look at some specific benefits and then brainstorm a few ways we can actually celebrate. First, the benefits:

  • Increased confidence - Recognizing achievements through celebrations boosts our confidence in our abilities. It validates our efforts and decisions, leading to greater self-assurance and a positive mindset, which is crucial for facing the uncertainties of entrepreneurship and life in general..

  • Valuable motivation - Celebrating milestones and successes can serve as positive reinforcement, providing motivation to continue working towards our goals and ambitions. It provides a sense of accomplishment and encourages perseverance in the face of challenges.

  • Long-term Perspective: By celebrating milestones, we reinforce our long-term perspective and commitment to our goals. It helps maintain focus and momentum, even during challenging times, by reminding us of the progress we’ve made and the opportunities of the journey ahead.

OK, we like how this celebrating thing sounds - now how are we going to go about it? Let your imagination take you there, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Gratitude Practice: Express gratitude for your achievements by writing thank-you notes to clients, supporters, or mentors who have played a role in your success.

  • Plan a Mini-Vacation: Take a short getaway or plan a mini-vacation to relax and recharge. It can be a weekend trip to a nearby destination or a staycation at a local hotel, a pampering day at a day spa.

  • Personal/Professional Development: Invest in your personal and professional development by enrolling in a course, attending a workshop, or participating in a conference related to your industry or interests.

  • Give Back: Pay it forward by giving back to your community or supporting a cause that's meaningful to you. Donate a portion of your earnings, volunteer your time, or mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Celebrate with a Ritual: Create a celebratory ritual or tradition that you can repeat each time you achieve a goal or milestone. It could be lighting a candle, ringing a bell, or taking a moment to imagine some confetti and balloons. Or if you’re not that visual, let YouTube help you out!.

  • Share on Social Media: Don’t be shy - share your achievements with your followers on social media platforms. It not only celebrates your success but also inspires others in your network and gives them the opportunity to celebrate with you.

Thanks for reading our thoughts on celebrating success - let us know what your cause for celebration is at and we’ll help you spread the word!


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